What should you do..

When you are in love with something

That’s killing you?

Embrace or shun …


For the past couple of days

I have been watching

Magic shows.

When I was pondering over …

“What I learned from it?”

I myself was amazed

To find that

I have finally figured out a solution for my habit of jealously.

All their performances included one important aspect without fail…


I realised

‘how many times the person must have repeated the same motion…Just to perform a single trick…Without any glitch.

Even after knowing the secret to a trick, a person is unable to perform it until and unless he has practiced it a couple of times.

When a person is good at something..

There will be factors that aid the person to be good at it….As he had been working on that particular factor for ‘n’ times.

Menstruation is the only blood that is not born from violence,

yet it’s the one that disgusts everyone the most.

Don’t confuse impact with intention.
“We assume intentions from the impact on us.” That is, we judge the intent behind someone’s action based on how that action made us feel. E.g., “If I feel ignored, then she intended to ignore me.”

This is the first…

I felt …

Warmth and Support

Of my family…

For my decision.

I will prove to myself…

Their trust is worthwhile.

I will prove to myself…

My efforts are what makes me

Who I am.

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.

– Robert Louis Stevenson

Because of this one reason….

The seed I plant….

Is what

I am running away from here…